Clare Byrne and the Celestials, open showing at the Egg

Nick s House Party May 2019 Group Shot

A SHOWING of LIVE MUSIC-IN-PROGRESS at the DRAGON’s EGG – please join us, as we all gratefully step back into live performance…

Saturday June 26, 2021
at the Dragon’s Egg

Clare Byrne and members of The Celestials – Amy Larimer, Nicholas Leichter, and Dan Strauss – will be offering the fruits of a first group Dragon’s Egg Residency – and their first live performance together in seventeen months!

Reunion in Park 8 23 20

Clare Byrne and The Celestials is a collective group of Connecticut, New York, and Vermont musicians and dancers who have performed together in New England, New York, and beyond for many years. In this residency they are workshopping a new batch of songs for the album “Six Tone Tune Truck,” exploring strident, raw sounds and lush vocal harmonies. Clare Byrne is on vocals, guitar, and harmonica, Amy Larimer is on vocals and hand percussion, Nicholas Leichter is on keyboard and vocals, and Dan Strauss is on electric guitar, performing songs from Byrne, Strauss, Lawrence/Miller, and Prince.

photos: One is a house concert at Nick Leichter’s apartment in 2019, taken by the incredible Hiroyuki Ito. The other was at Fort Greene Park last August! a nice one, taken by Amy Larimer (so she is not “in” the photo, but is in the collective).

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